Education, Motivation, Preservation

The concepts of education, motivation, and preservation drive our work as Maryland Cadets.  

To begin, our work is to remember our nation’s history as accurately as possible by researching, reading, and investigating primary sources.  Maryland’s unique role in the Civil War is an important focus of our studies.  

Secondly, our work as students of history  is to find motivation in the actions of our ancestors.  Motivation to save the past for the future.  Motivation to help our fellow man.  Motivation to make this world a better place for everyone.

Most importantly, our work is to preserve the gems of history for all to see, remember, enjoy, and learn about.  From primary documents such as letters, photographs, and journals to original artifacts to battlefields and monuments our work is to save, share, and teach.

Our work will reveal to the Maryland Cadets the influence history has on our daily lives and the importance of learning from history and preserving it for ourselves and future generations.