Both Confederate and Union Armies used drums to relay orders on and off the battlefield.  When regiments were first formed they numbered 10 companies at 100 men per company. Regiments were 1000 men strong at full strength.  It was hard for a commander to pass orders verbally to a large body of troops so everyone could hear during dress parade let alone through the noise of cannon and gunshot during a battle.  The drum played a vital role during the Civil War.  There was a different drum call for each order or maneuver.  Each soldier had to learn what each drum call was for.  The drummer was had a vital role on and off the field.  During the war, drummers as young as 9 years old went off to war.  The drummer also helped boost moral in camps by playing favorite camp melodies. When on the march, drummers kept cadence for the troops at same time their music kept the soldier’s mind off the long grueling journey as most soldiers had to march as much as 30 miles per day.