Dues are needed for the Liability Insurance we need to carry for our organization. The Liabaility insurance protects the histrical properties we visit should there be an accident. Insurance also protects our members in the Cadets.

Due: By January 1st of each year (or upon your first event)

Cost: $10 per person per year. 

If paying by PayPal, click link below and select “send money to friends and family”.  You can also pay by cash or check in person prior to Jan 1st of each year or upon attendance of your first event.

Interested in history? Do you like to have fun? Interested in Maryland’s role during the American Civil War? Are you interested in learning more about history using fun interactive methods? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we might be the right group for you! The first step is up to you by emailing us! Click here to start!