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“Maryland Cadets” are now re-activated! Welcome to our youth arm of our organization, Independent Greys. In the spirit of being stewards to our youth, our group has created a section to get children (boys and girls) ages 9-16yrs of age interested in history and gain hands on experience in the field with living history. Most groups, including ours, do not allow anyone under 16 to take the field in reenactments for safety and liability reasons. Our group, many who are parents themselves, have brainstormed a way to get youth involved in learning more about history pertaining to The War Between the States. We have came up with a solution which was found from history. In Baltimore from 1843-1861, there was an organization called “The Maryland Cadets”. It was a Baltimore Militia unit comprising of young Marylanders.

Interested in history? Do you like to have fun? Interested in Maryland’s role during the American Civil War? Are you interested in learning more about history using fun interactive methods? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we might be the right group for you! The first step is up to you by emailing us! Click here to start!